GDE Online handles the minutia of distributed data management for GDE clients by providing simple, reliable, fast data access to clients on any platform.

From the developers of Game Data Editor

Game Data Editor

You will not be let down with this data editor. Save yourself time with searching and testing; just get this and move forward with your game creation.

**This is THE trusted asset for using Google Sheets** I've been using this asset for almost 2 years now. It's made balancing and localizing my project SO MUCH EASIER. No more looking through folders of ScriptableObjects or pouring through massive XML/JSON documents. If your project is like mine and is heavily data dependent, this is a life saver! Money well spent.

Your success is important to us.
Love this asset so much, we even use it in a production game.
Check it out!
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It is super easy. Register, Create a Game, Serve up your Master Dataset, done.

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